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Feature article in Industry Era
Digital Leaders

Announcing Digital Leaders Week 2019


Interview on the Domain registry Market

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Various articles published by the Huffington post


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Russell Haworth on the BBC


In the BBC Studios

Reliable internet access is a basic necessity


CNBC Arabia on the news of Thomson Reuters acquiring the largest regional in the Middle East – Zawya

Russell Haworth at Wired Security

Wired Magazine

Russell on the panel at Wired for their cyber security conference
CEO Monthly

Article on running part of the UK’s critical national infrastructure

CEO Monthly

Russell discusses Nominet’s vital role in the modern, digital-first world



Announcement about Russell’s appointment
Digital Leaders
Cloud is becoming a common feature in modern business
Democracies will need to work together to counter China’s military-industrial complex
The Leaders Council

Leadership during a global pandemic

Russells launches a new podcast series where he interviews fellow CEOs to explore the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation.

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NBS has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer, Russell Haworth, who is tasked with furthering NBS’ already-impressive growth – which has been at double-digit levels for the past two years consecutively.

In the second of our recordings from this year’s Power & Responsibility Summit, we hear from Russell Haworth.
Top 10 CEO 2019

Recognition of contribution to the Tech Sector

Forbes Top 100

Forbes Top 100

Recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 100 Executives in the Middle East

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Who's Who 2021

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